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Xylophone Piano for Kids


Enjoy with Xylophone Piano for Kids, an instrument simulator to learn musical notes and concepts in an intuitive and easy way. It is a multi touch xylophone piano which will help parents teach music to kids, to make compositions and stimulate the creativity in a cell phone or tablet, while having tons of fun. It is a toy for the family, suitable for all ages.The main features of Xylophone Piano for Kids are:
- Amazing and attractive themes with HQ pictures.- You don’t need mallets. Practice your skill with your fingers, like a real piano, in this multitouch and very responsive playable xylophone, capable to play single notes or chords with the rhythm you desire.- Sheet music with G-Clef (Treble Clef) that will show the actual notes when playing- Learn music with easy and complex different demo songs (including Jingle Bells, Beethoven, Oh Susanna!, Lullaby, …).- Intuitive and immediate user interface, with graphics adapted to children.- High quality realistic sounds recorded with studio quality.- Record your songs with an unlimited number of notes. Mom and dad can then review the tracks and listen while playing the saved sessions.- Experience the awesome animations for the xylophone keys.
Join us on Facebook:享受与木琴钢琴的孩子,仪器模拟器学习音符和概念,在一个直观和简单的方法。这是一个多点触摸钢琴木琴,这将有助于父母教给孩子们的音乐,在手机或平板成分和刺激的创造力,同时具有万吨的乐趣。它是家庭,适合所有年龄的玩具。
- 惊人的和有吸引力的主题与总部的照片。- 您不需要槌。练习你的技能与你的手指,像一个真正的钢琴,在这个多点触控和可玩的木琴非常敏感,能够发挥单一的音符或和弦与节奏,你的愿望。- 学音乐的简单和复杂的不同的示范歌曲(包括铃儿响叮当,贝多芬,哦,苏珊娜!摇篮曲,...)。- 乐谱与G谱号(高音谱号),该玩的时候会显示实际的音符- 直观和直接的用户界面,适应儿童的图形。- 工作室质量的高品质逼真的声音记录。- 记录你的歌曲数量不受限制的音符。和爸爸妈妈便可以查看轨道和听一边玩保存会话。- 体验真棒动画木琴键。